Don’t grow up!! It’s a trap!!
Never grow up!! It’s a trap!!

INJURY’s debut album ‘Groundwork’ is two tracks, 42 minutes and 35 seconds of ambient bliss and cosmic sounds that will transport you to another dimension, free from the constraints and complexities of our reality. It’s an album born out of the mind of Eugene Leung – musician, curator, founder and creative director of INJURY.

The concept for the album began when INJURY collided with Groundwork Architects & Associates and got strongly inspired by Groundwork’s Fairyland Playscape installation. INJURY immediately sparkled the idea to create a music composition to transform the hyper surreal space to an immersive music experience.


INJURY’s composition of a glittery galactic track “Don’t Grow Up, It’s a Trap” (22:29) and a more forthright, rhythmic synth number “Never Grow Up, It’s a Trap (20:06)”, united with the otherworldly and mesmeric display to create a space for children and adults alike to expand their imaginations and play without fear of ridicule.

Though all of us must eventually confront the trials and tribulations of adulthood, it doesn’t mean that our inner child ceases to exist. INJURY’s Groundwork is a reminder and encouragement for everyone to play, have fun and let go.

Dual-cover art of INJURY’s ‘Groundwork’ vinyl album

Dual-cover art of INJURY’s ‘Groundwork’ vinyl album

The album is a limited release of 300pcs.

The album is a limited release of 300pcs.

“This album is more important to me than I ever expected,” says Eugene. “The concept of combining fashion, music and architecture sums up what I’ve been doing my whole career in the creative industry.”

The dual-cover art of the album features representative images of a mother and her child, photographed by Quist Tsang (the mother), which signifies childhood and adulthood at its purest. There is no definition of front or back in the cover design, it is all a matter of how ones perceive it, which also symbolizes the concept of zero boundaries between adulthood and childhood.

The album was mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road Studios, who has mastered records of New Order, Joy Division, Blur, Arcade Fire and Mogwai.

Now available online on Spotify, iTunes, bandcamp, Amazon Music, Deezer, KKBox, Napster and you can also purchase the vinyl album at various vinyl stores in Hong Kong, including White Noise Records, IFC Disc Plus and CD WAREHOUSE stores, and ANMO/ Art Cha at Dussëldorf, Germany.

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Composed, written, performed, produced and mixed by INJURY (Eugene Leung)
Mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road Studios
Cover concept & Design by INJURY
Cover Art Photography by Quist Tsang
Modeled by Quist Tsang & Shishi