Curator & Creative Director for FFFRIDAY 2018, organized by Fashion Farm Foundation

It is all about mixed reality where the real meets the virtual, to promote local heroes in the development of fashion culture through creative exchanges of fashion, architecture, technology, music, art and photography. The first ever Hong Kong virtual girl model- FYNN, was also created as this year’s ambassador for FFFRIDAY, a 30seconds CGI promo video was created and shown in the biggest TV screen in Hong Kong. The highlighted elements include ‘FFFRIDAY Create Your Avatar’ - a high-tech scanning machine that the public can scan their face within 60 seconds and create their very own avatar to dress in Hong Kong designer-wear in the virtual world. ‘FFFRIDAY Presentations’ were held at multiple locations in SSP, including a war-game venue, Market Stalls at Fun Wa Street and a three-storey warehouse with spiral staircase, with interesting visual impact of Augmented Reality. ‘FFFRIDAY Music party’ was held in early Dec 2018, collaborated with music collective Yeti Out featuring Fractal Fantasy presented a unique audio-visual extravaganza and exhibited a mixed reality surreal photoshoot ‘FFFRIDAY Ambassador’.